Moving forward together.

It is difficult for business owners and managers to be objective about how well their company is performing. Asking for help from an outsider can also feel overwhelming and intimidating. Intwinely, on the other hand, brings empathy for where your business is today and hunger for getting it where it wants to be, in a way that feels right to you. Together, we will review, assess and reimagine how your organization can meet the needs of today and scale for what’s ahead tomorrow.  

Our Approach

The roadmap for success often has different paths. Our most effective engagements are when we embark on a change journey together and implement recommendations quickly. However, when dealing with constraints, relying on us for our expertise is a practical first step. Intwinely can provide success plans and implementation can be pursued separately. We’ll be here whenever help is needed.

Strategic Consulting

Through our stepped approach, we'll partner with you to understand your business, create plans, define success, and gain internal alignment on the value change will bring. 

Understand Needs

We engage with customers and frontline employees to understand and identify current barriers to success.

Know the Data

We perform a gap analysis on how data collection methods, reporting outputs and key performance indicators align to business goals. 

Develop a Plan

We tie data, internal processes, and tools together to highlight key opportunities for improving customer satisfaction.

Align on Change

We present a summarized and clear strategy, solicit and address feedback, and empower you with a path forward.

Implementation Services

We'll partner with you to get your Intwinely strategy off the ground and keep the momentum going.

Evaluate Tools

We research and propose options for third-party solutions to resolve process, measurement, and delivery gaps.

Get Started

We present a detailed roadmap, align teams and operational tools, and define milestones, and escalation protocols.    

Measure Success

We regularly assess that key milestones have momentum, near-term goals are achieved, and that launched initiatives are being measured.

Future Proof

We provide business reviews to ensure long-term goals are being met along with 1-3-5 year business planning workshops.

Change begins today.

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