Aimee Ritell

Founder & CEO of Intwinely is a seasoned expert with 20+ years of experience in enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Aimee specializes in understanding the customer journey and fostering a customer-centric culture. Under her leadership, Intwinely excels in aligning internal teams with a customer-centric mindset, resulting in improved experiences, higher retention rates, and valuable referrals. Aimee's impactful strategies have been honed through roles at Angi and Ask Applications, where she drove engagement and increased lifetime customer value. In her consulting work with industry leaders like Teladoc, Make-A-Wish, and JOOR, she refined customer journeys, implemented best practices, and boosted acquisition and retention. Notably, as the head of brand management at Tatum, Aimee led efforts resulting in a 30% increase in customer engagement. Aimee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in applied psychology and business from Ithaca College and actively volunteers at Make-A-Wish Hudson Valley. Her unique blend of expertise, compassion, humor, and clarity sets her apart, ensuring impactful results for businesses.